Many of these Castellorizian antiquity images are taken from the book, Ancient Megisti - The Forgotton Kastellorizo, by Dr Norman Ashton. Norman has kindly given permission for these images to be reproduced on this website.

Castellorizo's most famous archaeological find: the gold wreath crown (stefani)

Part of the collection of amphorae on display in the foyer of the Hotel Megisti

Inscription on a large nateral rock outcrop forming part of the base of the Knight's Castle at the head of the Kavos promontory

Lycian style tomb located in the cliff face at the head of the Kavos promontory

Castellorizian Funerary urn dicovered in a tomb in 1913

Ruins of a Fortified Position on the western extremity of Sarina field

View from Palaiokastro of Fortified Position at Sarina field

Mortar and pestle style crusher at the Megisti Archaeological Museum

Oil Lamps found at Patitiri

On display at the Castellorizo Museum - architectural building engraving

Bronze statuette of Dionysus/Bacchus

Marble statue of the godess Hygeia

Twin burial chambers

A rock-cut cave used as a cistern

An ancient cistern inside Palaiokastro

A Megistean tomb now used for military purposes


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