Listed below are the websites managed by Allan Cresswell of Perth Western Australia. Please do visit to learn more about the Family History associated with the Cresswell Family and that of the Greek Families from the island of Castellorizo.

Cresswell Family Genealogy Pages (click here)

This site has all our genealogy research in Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland and Greece detailing over 8000 family ancestors and family members for Allan and Jean Cresswell (nee Marshall). Includes photographs, family trees, research notes, sources and short histories of family members. Please do check it out. Twenty years of research is gradually being entered during 2006 so do return often. Also under construction is an article on my late mother, Cynthia Pamela Cresswell (nee Xanthi Panayiota Karasavas) and her family story as new immigrants from Castellorizo in Greece to Western Australia.

Borneo POW Web Pages (click here)

Two and a half thousand Australian and British POWs were to die in Borneo under such terrible conditions during World War 2 and this is their story. It details the horrors of war and the shocking treatment handed out to these POWs by the Japanese Imperial Army. Only six survived the brutality, the executions and the


Castellorizo Family History

This site represents many years of research by the webmaster, Allan, and by the many contributors to this site. I hope that you can find something on this site that will prove useful to your knowledge about your own family history. There are over 21000 persons and over 3000 photographs to view.

Castellorizo Association of WA Newsletter

The newsletter of the Castellorizian Association of Western Australian Inc. The newsletter first appeared in April 2008 and the editor is Allan Cresswell.


The Empire Patrol Disaster Website

The story of the sinking of the 'Empire Patrol' whilst returning to Castellorizo from Egypt at the end of World War 2.

The Castellorizian Virtual Museum

An online Castellorizian Museum detailing the heritage and social background of the island in photographic form.

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